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    International Education Professional

  • About Karmen

    • Born and raised in Wisconsin. 
    • 2007 Study Abroad - St. Mary's University in Twickenham, England just outside London. 
    • 2009 Graduated University of Wisconsin - Platteville with a BS in Communication Technologies. 
    • 2011-2013 ESL Instructor at HESS International Educational Organization (何嘉仁国际文教团队)
    • 2013-2014 Working Holiday in Australia 
    • 2014-2015 Taught ESL to Korean Business Learners via the internet at KWT English (Madison, WI). 
    • 2015 Started my MA in International Education Management at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey, CA. 
    • May-August 2016 Taiwan National University‘s (臺大) Chinese Language Division intensive Chinese program 
    • 2016 Completed my MA in International Education Management. 
    • 2016 to 2017 Marketing and Development Associate at Spring Street International School, Friday Harbor, WA
    • 2017 to present Director of Marketing and Development at Spring Street International School, Friday Harbor, WA

    Places Visited:

    • Asia: Brunei, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Taiwan 
    • Europe: Austria, Belgium, England, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Scotland, Spain
    • The Americas: Belize, Canada, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Puerto Rico, United States
    • Oceania: Australia 
  • Resume

    Below is a brief summary of my education and professional background, please click "PDF Resume" my full resume.

    Professional Experience

    • 2017-present Spring Street International School, Friday Harbor, WA - Director of Marketing and Development
    • 2016 - 2017 Spring Street International School, Friday Harbor, WA - Marketing and Development Associate
    • 2015-2016 Middlebury Institute of International Students, Monterey, CA - Graduate Assistant - Intensive English Programs
    • 2014-2015 KWT English, Madison, WI - Conversational English Instructor
    • 2013-2014 Octopus Hospitality Staffing, Melbourne, Australia - Food and Beverage Staff
    • 2011-2013 HESS International Education Organization, Taipei, Taiwan - ESL Instructor 

    Memberships, Conferences, and Workshops

    • NAFSA Member (Since 2016)
    • 2017 NAFSA Tri-Regional (I, II, IV) - Denver, CO
    • 2017 Lessons From Abroad Washington - Alumni Representative for Middlebury Institute of International Studies 
    • 2016 NAFSA e-Learning Workshop - Intro to Armchair International Student Recruitment
    • 2016 NAFSA Region I Conference - Anchorage, AK 
    • 2016 EnglishUSA Conference - Monterey, CA 
    • 2015 NAFSA Region X Conference - Long Island, NY

    Skills and Languages

    • English: Native Speaker
    • Mandarin Chinese: Intermediate Level  (HSK Level 4) 
    • Spanish: Elementary Level 
    • Computer Skills: 
      • General: PC and Mac Platforms, Microsoft Office Suite, Google Drive 
      • Graphic Design: Adobe Design Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver), Canva  
      • Video Editing: iMovie
      • Social Media Management: Hootsuite, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube
      • Marketing: Google Analytics
  • Graduate Coursework

    Below are some highlights of my coursework at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey, California

    Marketing and Recruitment

    In this class, my group worked on developing a marketing plan for our learning partner (University of California - Fullerton) focusing on getting more Engineering and Computer Science students to study abroad. You can view the Executive Summary here.

    Go to Market

    In this course, my partner and I worked with Intercultural Communication Institute in Portland, Oregon. The goal of our project was to identify a new country, that they could market their summer program for high-school students to. Our project included doing market research, a focus group, and developing a Go to Market strategy that offered suggestions on how to customize the program to the new market.

    Program Design and Assessment

    During this class, we worked in small groups with a learning partner to develop or assess a program. Our learning partner University of Wisconsin - Platteville was looking for more Intercultural Competency training resources. We developed a Wordpress Site where we hosted the resources that we either collected or created. These included activities to do with students,

    International Student and Scholar Services

    One assignment of our ISSS course was to create a short orientation video about a topic relevant to international students' life in the US. I chose to cover banking in the U.S. (account types, how to open them, writing a check, and using apps like Venmo to transfer money to friends.) The video can be viewed below.

    Comparative International Education

    During this course, we were to choose a country and develop a website using text, pictographs, or video to summarize the history and current education system. You can view my website about Taiwan here.

    Citizen Diplomacy

    In this course, we discussed various Citizen Diplomacy programs and organizations. Our major assignment was a project proposal with mock selection committee. We were given a request for a project proposal and three groups competed for each funding opportunity. In class, we took turns acting as selection committees. Our group's project was selected as the winning bid for our project. You can view our project proposal here.

    Study Abroad and International Exchange

    This course discussed issues pertinent to Study Abroad programming. We had several guest speakers present about language learning, crisis management, and more. One project we worked on was a mock budget request for a study abroad program. Our group worked on providing a budget for a short term trip to Rome. You can view our budget memo and the budget spreadsheet.

    Mandarin Chinese

    While at MIIS I participated in the Summer Intensive Language Program as well as taking Business Chinese and Modern Chinese in my two semesters. During this time I wrote two essays about International Education topics.

    • The first paper compares the trends and challenges of American students in China and Chinese students in the U.S.  Challenges include feeling welcome on campuses, student populations integrating well, academics, and job prospects in the host country after graduation. 
    • The second talks about the pros and cons of U.S. universities working with agencies to recruit international students. It covers the use of agencies by universities in other countries, issues with credentials and academic preparedness of incoming students, recent activities by Homeland security, and the gains that come from working with the agencies. 

    Practicum Experience

    During my practicum I worked at Spring Street International School in Friday Harbor, Washington. During this time I worked on the following projects:

    • A Social Media Plan assessing the school's current Social Media usage and how to effectively further it on Facebook and Instagram. I also created a handbook to assist faculty with the logistics and best practices when using Social Media. 
    • I was a part of the Marketing team, meeting weekly with other members to check in on current projects and further develop our marketing and outreach. 
    • I also developed a Secondary Postgraduate Program based on a recent SEVP policy recommendation, which would allow students who have already graduated Secondary school to attend Spring Street for a 5th year, helping them further prepare for college. The program is currently going through the SEVP approval process to be added to the school's I-17. 
    • I worked with another faculty member to develop a handbook of Intercultural Competence resources and facilitated activities with our students. 
    • Finally, I was one of three faculty members working on the Global Council projects, which brings local and international students together to work on campus issues and plan events. Below is a video I created, about this project as part of my Practicum Symposium presentation. It features background information about the project as well as interviews with student members. 

    Other Coursework

    Principles and Practices of International Education, Budgeting in Educational Organizations, Staff Management in International Organizations, International Scholarship Program Management, Developing Intercultural Training in Organizations, Leading Across Cultures

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